ETS has worked with many clients for many years in many languages.
Read what some of our clients have to say about what we do.

Equality Translation Service has served as our main translation service for MSDS and labels for many years. We have found that their approach is both cost-effective for our clients and technically excellent. With the large amount of saved text in many languages developed for our clients over the years and our use of somewhat standardized language, our clients have saved money while still being assured that their translated documents are of the highest quality. From time to time, we have obtained competitive quotes from other translation companies, and ETS is always lower and provides better service.

Denese A. Deeds, CIH
    Industrial Health & Safety Consultants, Inc.

In all of our dealings with Equality Translation Services, the quality of work has been top-notch. With global business and international communications becoming more commonplace, the demand for universal document availability in several languages has risen extensively. At the same time, expected production timelines have decreased in this ever-changing digital age. We have used ETS for the translation of Safety Data Sheets for several clients over the years, and I will say that this company has truly adapted with the times, combining linguistic expertise with innovative software that serves to increase timely production and maintain precision. And, the workmanship does not stop at the initial translation. By keeping a database of our commonly used phrases and languages, ETS has made the process of SDS updating and maintenance much faster and much more cost-effective! We would absolutely recommend ETS to anyone in need of high-quality translations of technical documents.

Elizabeth M. Vancza, Ph.D.
    Toxicologist, Eastern Operations
    SafeBridge Consultants, Inc.

ETS has always translated our SDSs quickly and with precision. ETS will let us know when a possible error on our English SDS is caught before continuing the translation process.

Our SDSs are used world-wide and we know we can count on ETS to provide the best translation possible at the lowest cost possible.

Sue Bruner
    Environmental Support Specialist
    Brewer Science, Inc.

We utilized the translation services of Equality Translation Services (ETS) to convert several of our Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) from English to Spanish. We located ETS via a web search and selected them over two other companies, including a company we previously used for translation services, because ETS had greater knowledge and capabilities with regard to MSDS work. We needed a quick turnaround because one of our customers was in dire need of Spanish language MSDS for our pigment products.

ETS took care of translating our MSDS in a very quick manner. In addition, they were able to re-format our English MSDS in such a way as to improve our document accuracy and eliminate inconsistencies in our format. We were impressed enough with ETS services that we are considering their services to reformat and translate all our MSDS.

We are pleased to recommend ETS translation services to any company to handle MSDS translation services.

Nick Paris
    Vice President Marketing
    Rockwood Pigments

ETS has been my go-to company for foreign translations of our technical documents for years. They have mastered the technique of using previous versions of different documents to help reduce the translation cost and time. They have never failed to meet a deadline and consistently produce a quality product.

Bill Gleason
    Cameron / Caldon Ultrasonics

Equality Translation Services has provided exceptionally high-quality translations of technical documentation, RFQ’s and Proposals. Equality is a critical player in Caldon’s international operating strategy.

We have been extremely impressed by the prompt service ETS has delivered for us even under the most stringent deadlines. They have worked closely with us to produce whatever format we require and we highly recommend them.

Joanna Phillips
    Cameron / Caldon Ultrasonics